Batterie russe Antal Medveczky

Batterie russe Antal Medveczky

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Bonjour !

Quelqu'un connaît-il cette marque...? Je suis tombé dessus sur le net au hasard de recherches :

Antal-Medveczky.jpg (34.93 Kio) Consulté 336 fois

La description du magasin d'Anvers :

"Antal Medveczky (1908-1959) was the first wind instrument
manufacterer in Hungary. Around the 1930ies he developed a
topline of all handmade drumkits, resulting in building a range of
exclusive snaredrums. Due to warfare and Russian politics,
Medveczky drums didn't make it out of Europe. Later some kits
were smuggled out of the country. Antal used also copper for
hardware: all hoops were handmade, welded and hand
hammered. He developped totally new and eccentric tomholderq,
tombrackets, lugs and snare throw-offs. All drumshells were made
with reinforcement hoops, and all drums came with calfskin heads.
The preserved collection is visible at the Hungarian Drummuseum.

Out of a rare collection we have 2 kits, made of 4 ply birchwood
with reinforcement hoops and messing hardware:

22" BD, 12" TT, 14" FT, 14 "SD

Bordeaux finish

All hardware in copper, partly calfskin heads on all drums"
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